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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mystery dinner theater?
There are different approaches but with the Capital City Mystery Players it's an interactive evening (or afternoon) of mystery and comedy, like watching a play, but with no stage, and actors all around you. At the right time, the audience gets a chance to solve the inevitable crime. In other words, LOTS OF FUN!

How long have you been doing this?
We are Austin's original comedy whodunit troupe, started in 1991. View more information or make reservations.

Do you do corporate parties?
Yes we specialize in corporate entertainment. We can bring a scripted comedy whodunit with dinner to the venue of your choosing. We also do "mystery guests" for cocktail parties and in home company parties.

Do you do private parties for individuals?
Absolutely, either at a public venue or in your home - an unforgettable evening of fun, great for a birthday or block party.

For how large a group can you perform a corporate show?
A comedy whodunit with dinner will work comfortably for groups up to about 150.

What's the price for a corporate or private Whodunit party?
The fee will vary according to group size, format, time of year, etc. Contact us at (512)799-5872 or e-mail us for a proposal.

"I don't have a clue but it's funnier than hell!"
A. K.